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  • 2015 0624


    On June 24, 2015,Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Held a foundation laying ceremony for its new plant in Liaozhong Coastal Economic Zone, which marked the beginning of company relocation & reconstruction and the kickoff of new plant.

  • 2014 1209

    Dec 9, 2014 - The launch conference for “Yunying”products was successfully held by the company. After 42-month (from July 2011 to December 2014) design and development, the new generation truck, which includes 10 models in total and can be equipped with 1730mm standard or 1880mm medium cabin (left hand and right hand are all available),hit the market. The launch of Jinbei “Yunying” products marks the upgrading and updating of Jinbei light duty truck, enabling Jinbei to step towards a new stage of high-end light truck.The great event has become a milestone in long history of product development.

  • 2013 0305


    In 2013, with the newly developed truck, Jinbei successfully passed through vehicle test by China Automotive Technology & Research Center and won“Saving Champion”in the sixth “China International Truck Fuel Economy Contest”for main truck enterprises in China.

  • 2010 0415



    In 2010, “Jinyu”gasoline truck and “Lingchi”with 4JB1 engine won "Saving Champion" in the third “China International Truck Fuel Economy Contest”separately.

  • 2010 0129



    Jan 2010 - “Qiyun” series gasoline truck was developed successfully, which helped Jinbei to  obtain 8 national patents for exterior design.


  • 2008 0220



    Feb 20, 2008 - Jinbei “Lingqi”won “Fuel-efficient Models”in the first “Chinese Truck of the Year”.

  • 2007 0125


    In 2007, the company began to develop and produce Jinbei “Lingqi”series products after several improvements have been made based on Mitsubishi cabin (japan).

  • 2003 0128



    Jan 28, 2003 - The company officially changed its name to Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. after a successful recapitalization

  • 1990 0702


    July 1990 - After introduction of Mitsubishi cabin, technology transfer, production and process design and technical transformation were all finished, Jinbei truck began to produce SY1041 series products.

  • 1980 0727


    In 1980, the second generation of SY132 truck-SY132A long axle truck-was developed, meeting level 1 quality standard in CNAIC test and Hainan 50,000-kilometer test.

  • 1972 0225


    Feb 1972 - First 416 Aeronautic AC power supply vehicle was successfully developed,which became the special vehicle for large passenger planes and airfreighters. The vehicle brought honor to our country by playing an important role during Nixon's visit to China.

  • 1958 1230



    Dec 30, 1958 - First 2.5 ton “Dragon”truck in China was developed and manufactured.


  • 1958 1001



    Oct 1, 1958 - Predecessor of Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenyang Automobile Manufacturing Plant was established.


  • 1950 0808
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