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16th Shanghai Auto Show 20152015-04-30

The “Innovation & Upgrading”themed 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition was concluded successfully in National(Shanghai)Center for Exhibition and Convention on April 29. READ MORE

11th Manila International Auto Show2015-04-24

The biggest auto show in the Philippines, 11th Manila International Auto Show, was opened officially in World Trade Center Metro Manila, capital of the Philippines, on April 2015. This four-day long auto event attracted more than 200 automobile exhibitors, including IKK, a partner of Jinbei truck in Philippine, taking charge of the display of JBC trucks. READ MORE

Burma Baopo-Carnival and Myanmar-China Border Trade Fair2014-12-18

Jinbei Truck participated in Burma Baopo-Carnival held in Ruili, Yunnan Province, China, in October 2014 and the 14th Myanmar-China Border Trade Fair held in 105-Mile Trade Zone, Muse, Myanmar in December 2014 to improve popularity of Jinbei brand in local market. READ MORE

15th Shanghai Auto Show 20132013-04-30

The ten-day long 15th Shanghai International Auto Show was opened officially on April 20 and closed successfully on April 29, breaking records in aspects of exhibition area (280,000 ㎡), exhibitors (approximately 2,000 exhibitors and 1,300 entire vehicles, compared with 1,748 last year) and visitors (800,000 compared with 715,000 last year). With so many visitors attracted, this auto show won the honor of most popular one among top five international auto shows. Moreover, more than 10,000 Chinese and foreign media came to report. READ MORE
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