Overseas Launch Ceremony for Jinbei High-end Light Truck “Yunying”——Debut in Myanmar

Time: 2015-11-10

Overseas Launch Ceremony for “Yunying”, new product of Jinbei, was hosted by our company in Myanmar on Oct 23rd. Mr. Baochen Du, General Manager of our company, Mr. Yanqiu Xu, Deputy General Manager of our company, Mr. Junwei Feng, General Manager of – Myanmar office of our company, Mr. Qigui Li, director of Dehong in Mandalay, Mr. Wenzhu Li, Chinese representative of China - Myanmar bilateral cross-border cooperation, and many distributor representatives attended the ceremony.

By presenting at this launch ceremony, Yunying series of product, high-end light trucks of our company, made its debut in Mandalay, an ancient city of Myanmar. The grand event attracted much attention from eight local media on the day, followed by several broadcasts and reports. With fashionable and strong appearance, superior engine and excellent aftersales service system established especially for Myanmar, Yunying has won a lot of attention and recognition from Burmese. 

Local consumers may not be familiar with Jinbei products due to its new coming. The ceremony provided a good opportunity for “Yunying” truck to be followed by Burmese from all circles, for Jinbei brand to have its popularity and reputation improved in Myanmar, and for our company to introduce all range of Jinbei truck to customers in Myanmar. High quality, good cost performance and considerate aftersales services will definitely win the favor of local consumers.

Mr. Baochen Du, General Manager of Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., delivered a wonderful speech on the future planning of Myanmar market and announced price of this new truck at the launch ceremony. As the new product was being unveiled, media and distributors could not wait to watch and experience by themselves. 

The launch ceremony is a kick-off for Jinbei truck to achieve a comprehensive upgrade in Southeast market and carry out launch ceremonies for “Yunying” in other foreign countries. Innovation brings transcendence. By introducing its new product “Yunying” to other foreign markets, Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., aims to interact with old and new clients closely, bring a freshly new driving experience to all overseas customers and speed up the sales of Jinbei truck in overseas market.



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